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Frankfurt Book Fair's Exchange and Support Programmes
Our support programmes enable up-and-coming and high potential industry professionals to exchange ideas and create networks across continents.

The Frankfurt Fellowship Programme

We promote young international publishers
The Frankfurt Fellowship was launched to mark the 50th anniversary of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1998 and to support up-and-coming international publishing professionals. Over the last 13 years, it has created a close network within the international publishing industry. More than 240 participants from 48 countries have taken part in the programme to date.
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German-French programme for young booksellers and publishing professionals

An exchange beyond borders The German-French exchange programme for young booksellers and publishing professionals offers top industry professionals the opportunity to participate in a three-month exchange programme in the respective partner country from April to June.
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German-French programme for young translators

The Georges Arthur Goldschmidt Programme is aimed at young literary translators from Switzerland, France and Germany. Each year, it enables five German-speaking and five French-speaking young translators to meet with German and French publishers from both countries and to work on translation projects under the guidance of experienced translators.
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Fellowship Programmes
Katharina Wallat
Frankfurt Book Fair
Katharina Wallat
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Invitation Programme
Marife Boix-Garcia
Frankfurt Book Fair
Marife Boix-Garcia
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The Invitation Programme

Einladungsprogramm Welcome

Each year a group of small publishers form Asia, Africa and Latin America are invited to exhibit at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
It is organised by Litprom - the Society for the Promotion of Literature from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This year once again it makes it possible for a group of publishers to introduce themselves at the industry's biggest get-together in the world
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