Invitation Programme for International Exhibitors

Areal Einladungsprogramm

The Invitation Programme offers the chance for small independent publishing companies from Africa, the Arabic World, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the world's biggest book fair. For publishing companies from these regions, globalisation is a two-edged sword. Access to the world market seems easier thanks to limitless communication. At the same time, the advance of new conglomerates makes it harder to get in on the market. Guaranteeing the presence of a selected group of around 20 publishing houses at the industries biggest get-together is the main goal of the Frankfurt Book Fair´s Invitation Programme.
The guest publishers attend a two-and-a-half-day seminar before the Book Fair providing wide-ranging information on the German book market and international publishing.


  • Seminar
    As in past years, the guest publishers will attend a two-and-a-half-day seminar before the Book Fair begins, not only preparing them for the Fair, but also providing them with wide-ranging information on the German book market. As a discussion forum, the seminar gives them the opportunity to talk to experienced speakers from the industry on topics such as international sales, marketing, rights and licences, and book design.

  • Expenses for travel, stay and stand covered
    Apart from being paid their travel expenses and their stay, the carefully selected guests from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab World, the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe are always given a free stand at the Fair. Funding is provided jointly by the Frankfurt Book Fair and the German Federal Foreign Office.

  • Qualifications
    The programme is aimed at small-scale, independent publishers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab world, the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe. Proficiency in English is required.

  • Application
    Applications for 2018 are to be submitted until the end of April 2018. You will then find the contact details here. During the application and selection process, we might try to get in touch with the applicants by e-mail or phone.

  • Duration, Preparation and activities
    This programme starts normally one week before the beginning of Frankfurt Book Fair and ends on Sunday 14th 2018. Besides the seminar more activities are planned during the book fair. As a preparation for the programme activities may take place even before the official beginning of the programme. Additionally, participants are expected to cooperate during the whole process.
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April 30

Application to the Invitation Programme 2018

Applications can be submitted until April 30

Participants of the Invitation Programme 2017:

¡Más Pimienta! (Uruguay)

¡Más Pimienta! is an independent Uruguayan publisher, founded in 2011. lt offers a catalogue of album-books with careful editing, literary quality and a special artistic proposal. Although the books are suggested for children, they are not limited to a range of categorical age, as their proposal is aimed at people with certain sensibility, rather than a certain age.

Agamee Prakashani (Bangladesh)

Agamee Prakashani, founded in 1986 in Dhaka ranks among the top publishing houses of Bangladesh. It is renowned for publishing the largest number of title book based on 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. It publishes Fiction and Non-Fiction both original and reprints by some of the foremost and most popular writers of our time. With over 1900 titles in print, the list includes books on politics, autobiography/personal memoir, poetry, essay and also children books in both Bengali and English.

Alam Al Kotob (Egypt)

Alam Al Kotob Publisher was founded in 1959 in Cairo Egypt. Alam Al Kotob focuses on a wide range of titles in segments such as Education, Special needs, Autism, Arabic Language, Media, Mass Communication, Psychology, Self-Development and Novels. It has also translated some famous titles into Arabic such as Energy Bus, A land we can share (Brookes), Energy Bus for Children and Forensic Psychology (Wiley) and Business Genius by Peter Fisk.

Aruna Ltd (Kazakhstan)

Aruna Ltd is a family-owned publishing house from Kazakhstan. It is specialized in different types of children´s books. Founded in 2001, the company has published in these 16 years more than 1000 titles. Currently, Aruna is a leader on the Kazakhstan market. They publish storybooks, activity books, magazines, encyclopedias and many others.

Atelier des Nomades (Mauritius)

Atelier des Nomades was founded in 2010 by Corinne Fleury and Anthony Vallet. Their purpose is to enhance the cultural and natural heritage of Mauritius, improving cultural exchange and promoting a cross-fertilization of ideas. Their vision is to share creativity and ideas through quality books available to all. They are focused on children books but they have also published cook books. Their bestsellers are Tasty treats from Mauritius and Tales from Mauritius.

C3 Editions (Haiti)

C3 Editions was founded in 2011 in Haiti. With around 200 titles, they are focused on a wide range of subjects such as novels, essays, autobiographies, history, poetry, philosophy, law, children’s books. They have agreements with major international publishers such as Gallimard, Le temps des Cerises, Magellan & Cie and Editions Du Rocher. They have also translated well-known titles into Haitian Creole such as Le Petit Prince and other titles by Dominican authors like Franklin Franco Pichardo and Ruben Silie Valdez into French.

Dhad Audio Publishings (Saudi Arabia)

Dhad is an Audio books producer and Publisher, founded in 2015 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It works hand in hand with publishers in the MENA region to produce and publish their titles in audiobook-format on the Dhad online platform. Dhad is also an independent digital publisher (e-book and audiobooks) focused on a wide range of titles in segments such as self- development, novels and women empowerment, It has also translated some famous titles into Arabic language such as Lucky or Smart for BO Peabody.

Éditions Dodo Vole (Madagascar)

Dodo Vole Publisher, founded in 2006 in La Réunion, and since 2009 established in Antananarivo, was primary focused on bilingual books for children: art books and tales by Indian Ocean authors such as Malcolm de Chazal, Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo and Ananda Devi.

Éditions Eburnie (Côte d’Ivoire)

Founded in 2002 under the leadership of Mrs. Amoikon Fauquembergue, Editions Eburnie is an alternative publisher for Education and Culture with more than 300 titles in Côte d’Ivoire, in French-speaking Africa, Canada and in Europe. With a wide and diverse range of books, they feature some books in bilingual editions (French and English). They are focused on schoolbook, supplementary education materials, trade, Children´s and young adults literature.

Laguna Libros (Colombia)

Laguna Libros was founded in 2007 in Bogotá, Colombia. Its catalogue is the product of a thorough selection of Literary Fiction, Nonfiction and Graphic Novels. Its first editorial hit is Emma Reyes’ Memoria por correspondencia, so far sold to 15 languages. It has been focused on Latin American writers. It’s also interested in translating titles from other territories. It has translated graphic novels from English and French.

Ediciones Lanzallamas (Costa Rica)

Ediciones Lanzallamas was founded in 2009 in Costa Rica with the goal of publishing innovative literary narrative (novels, short stories) for the Central American market. It is currently evolving into a global distribution publisher for the Spanish speaking market. Lanzallamas offers translations from English and Portuguese into Spanish and boasts of including in its catalogue renowned authors such as Ricardo Piglia, Juan José Saer, Manuel Puig and Mario Levrero.

Mardulce Editora (Argentina)

Mardulce was founded in 2011. It is an independent publishing company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They publish novels and short stories, literary and philosophical essays. Their special feature is to discover and publish contemporary authors.
They publish young Argentinean authors with many of them having already been translated into several languages, like Selva Almada among others. Besides, they publish prestigious and worldwide-known authors such as Andrei Tarkovski, Marguerite Duras, Jean Echenoz, Cynthia Ozick, Jean-Luc Nancy, etc.

Marjin Kiri (Indonesia)

Marjin Kiri Publisher, founded in 2005 in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia, is a small independent publisher dedicated to fostering progressive/leftist thinking within the academia and general reader. Marjin Kiri mostly publishes titles on humanities and social theory, political-economy, history, cultural studies, ecology, and fiction.

Mudacamura Publishing House (Rwanda)

Mudacumura Publishing House, was founded in 2013 in Rwanda. It published 26 children stories and poems related to Genocide against Tutsis, that were translated and adapted from the famous book Requiem Rwanda. It participated also in the publishing process of Andika Rwanda 2015 and 2016, a national writing competition organized by Rwanda Education Board (REB) and Education Development Center (EDC), but funded by USAID.

Nepko (Mongolia)

The Nepko Publishing of Mongolia, founded in 2006, is focused on a wide range of titles in segments such as science, history, biography, general knowledge or reference, politics and economics. It has also translated some famous titles into Mongolian such as Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, World Satellite Atlas by WissenMedia, Science by DK, Britannica Visual Dictionary by QA International, World Atlas for Young Explorers by National Geographic, Foundation series by Isaac Azimov, Gombrich’s History of Art by Phaidon, Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, Why Nations Fail by Daren Acemoglu, Wilds Swans by Jung Chang, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami as well as Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

Obdosko Slovo (Montenegro)

The publishing house Obodsko Slovo was founded in 1998. They consider the first book in a child's life very important, so they pay great attention to the editions for the youngest. Their goal is not publishing many books, but publishing good books. They publish Fiction, Non-fiction, and art monographies. Moreover, they often organize literary evenings in an effort to stimulate the culture of reading and socializing with authors.

Sandro's Books (Georgia)

The Sandro's Books publishing was founded by Sandro Asatiani in 2009. They publish children's books, graphic novels and short stories that were written during the study period in the Academia di Belle Arti, Florence. They have also translated original Georgian books into different languages, making them available for people from different countries. Each book is an object containing story and illustration.

Sang-e-Meel Publications (Pakistan)

Established in 1962 and based in Lahore, Pakistan, Sang-e-meel Publications is focused on a wider range of titles in Urdu and English in segments such as fiction, travelogues, politics, history, philosophy, psychology, literary criticism, biographies, memoirs and so forth. It has also translated some famous works into Urdu such as Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, The Golden Hawks of Gengis Khan by Rita Richie, The Red & the Black by Stendhal, and Sunlight on a Broken Column by Atia Hosain.

Tamyras Éditions (Lebanon)

Founded in 2003, Tamyras is a Lebanese independent francophone publishing house, helping undiscovered Arab and Mediterranean talent reach their audience. Its catalogue features both novels by first-time and renowned authors, like Etel Adnan, as well as coffee table books, cookbooks, and guides. In 2017, Tamyras acquired World French rights for Saleem Haddad’s debut American novel Guapa and Jana el-Hassan’s 99th Floor, shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

Today Publishing House (Myanmar)

TODAY Publishing House Ltd was established in 1993 and features currently four monthly magazines (business & management , women edutainment, Children in Myanmar language and in English for Tourists and Business travelers). It publishes different titles on management, biography, health, children and English books with around 80 titles per year, from which 20 are new titles.