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Out you go! That could be the motto for our 2017 selection of thematic collections – the aim once again being to raise awareness in other language worlds about books by German publishers. Our collection about experiencing nature in particular converges on the motto in terms of content; recently, more and more publishers have been dedicating exceptionally attractive titles to “nature writing”. Turning away from inwardness to political themes “out there” – this current trend is also reflected in our collection of new literary publications from 2016. With our compilation of comic books the respective authors will travel out into the world (Hong Kong and Beijing await!). Throughout the globalised world there are debates about economic alternatives and how to achieve and defend freedom of expression – with the latter, at least, being inherent in the world of books from the outset, since without freedom of speech it could not exist.

Collection topics and catalogues:

On the End of Loneliness - New literary releases

This year, the Literaturhaus München (Munich Literature House) curated our annual collection of literature, which is meant to serve as a guide to books worth reading and translating by German-language authors for anyone abroad interested in German contemporary literature (including those teaching and learning German, literary agents and editors, etc.). The catalogue, which provides descriptions of the individual titles as well as information regarding translation rights, also includes information about the activities of the Munich Literature House.

81 titles from 34 publishers – with an accompanying catalogue in English and German
Catalogue "New literary releases"

On Words and Liberty - Books about Freedom of Expression

The Frankfurt Book Fair’s book collection “On Words and Liberty” should be seen as an appeal to promote the achievement of freedom of speech and opinion around the world. Freedom of speech and opinion is not a luxury item for industrialised countries of the West. It is the very foundation of the concept of the state.
Collection "On Words and Liberty"

A House United - German-language comics and graphic novels

This collection, compiled and with commentary by Lars von Törne, a journalist for the Berliner Tagesspiegel, provides an overview of outstanding works from 2015 and 2016 by German-language comic-book illustrators. The selection attests to the increasingly broad thematic facets of local comic-book production and describes the content of the volumes presented.

34 titles from 26 publishers – English/German catalogue list
Catalogue "A House United"

Karl Marx and the Critique of Modern Society

No German author of the past 200 years has been as internationally renowned and influential as Karl Marx. In 2013, the “Communist Manifesto” and the first volume of “Capital” were included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the release of the first volume of “Capital” and 2018 the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. These two anniversaries provide the occasion to present a book collection with more recent contributions on the life, work and impact of Karl Marx.
Catalogue "Karl Marx"

This Tree's Leaf - Nature writing in German

"Nature Writing" – experiencing and exploring nature and sharing one’s impressions and thoughts with an empathic audience of readers and listeners – is also a tradition in German-speaking regions. Goethe, Humboldt and Forster – a few classic examples whose influence reaches far beyond Germany’s borders – are proof of this. Recently, the publisher Verlag Matthes & Seitz in particular has taken up this “green thread” of taking pleasure in and examining nature, contributing 20 elegantly designed books to the 61 titles from 31 publishing houses.
Collection "Nature Writing"

Beer Culture - 41 Books on a German Speciality

Beer is surely worth celebrating as the humankind’s oldest cultural beverage and the world’s top selling alcoholic drink. On top of that, 2016 marks the 500th anniversary of the German beer purity law, the Reinheitsgebot stating the use of only four ingredients – Malt, Hops, Yeast and later. For 500 years, brewers in Germany have observes this food regulation, that later became a law, which makes it the oldest piece of food legislation in the world. Find out more about different beer styles and their stories, budding home-brewers can also learn the latest in the international craft beer scene.
Catalog "Beer Culture"

Zero to Infinity – New Literary Releases from Germany

83 books from 37 publishing houses – accompanying English/German catalogue with annotations and a foreword by Prof. Dr. Rainer Moritz, Head of Literaturhaus Hamburg. The most obvious feature of literature in 2015 has undoubtedly been the move by many writers to examine political and economic affairs, and to draw on 20th-century history in an attempt to understand current trends. Besides this, poetry lives! The sudden perception of a genre that stands permanently on the margins. Have a closer look at the trend scouting of Rainer Moritz, supplemented by the 20 titles selected for the longlist of the German Book Prize.
Catalogue "Zero to Infinity"

My Father’s Country – Postwar biographies

"Now he is 70 and he no longer believes that Germany's towns and cities will go up in flames. But he knows young people who ask him about his memories. Not to immunise themselves against horrors to come, but as a sedative for their own fears of terror attacks (…). To those in their 30s today, the lives of people born just after the war – those who made the 1968 movement – seem like they were written by some Rosamunde Pilcher of the salaried society." (quotation of Arno Widmann, journalist, foreword)
Catalog "My Father's Country"

The Best German Book Design 2016

25 titles from 20 publishers
Exemplary design, concept and workmanship: a collection of titles honoured by the Stiftung Buchkunst. The best designed titles demonstrate the high quality of books "made in Germany".

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LOOK! 85 Illustrators of Children Books

German Illustrators will be Guest of Honour at Bologna Children’s Book Fair from 4 - 7 April 2016.
The collection presents current titles by 85 German children’s book illustrators. It introduces international audiences to 55 classics as well as books by 30 newcomers. The thematic and aesthetic diversity of the selected children’s books and graphic novels is exciting in its range and includes both poetic reveries and sturdy realism. Incidentally, this book collection will accompany original works by the 30 novices at the “LOOK!” illustrators exhibition in Bologna 2016.
Catalogue "Look!"

50 Books that travel

Original German titles and their English translations

Cover Kibu 230x160px.jpg

50 original German titles from 26 publishers and their English translations from 53 publishers in the United States, Great Britain and the Commonwealth. This selection clearly demonstrates the broad range of new and recent German titles available in English translation. This multifaceted collection, which includes fiction, non-fiction and children’s books, was compiled by "New Books in German" and the German Book Office, New York.
Catalogue "50 books that travel"

Additional presentations

We show the following at selected book fairs:

  • DAM Architectural Book Award 2016
  • German Photo Book Award 2015
  • DAF – German as a foreign language

The book collections are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office

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Every year, the Frankfurt Book Fair puts together a number of book collections on different topical subjects. These are currently being discussed in Germany and also noted with interest in other countries. The standard collections include children’s books, new literary releases and other.

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